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Riley is the proud "Dad" of 12 beautiful puppies. The Dame "Reagan" gave birth to 12 healthy and adorable pure bread AKC (American Kennel Club) golden retrievers on 11/12/11.

Riley (as was Reagan) was hand selected from a private breeder with the intent of "potentially" breeding him. He was a present for Doug on Doug's 17th birthday as Doug always wanted his own puppy. The next year Doug was off to Penn St. and Riley was pretty lonely and needed a friend. A month after Riley's 1st birthday we aquired Reagan.

Riley is the perfect field dog. He is athletic and does not shy at loud noises. He has a highly keen sense of smell and naturally tracks. Riley at the OBX

Riley's Top 3 Favorite things;

#1 Running - Riley loves to run. He is a very fast runner and has tremdous stamina and strength. He likes nothing more than to retrieve balls in an open field.

#2 Swimming - Riley loves the water. He loves playing "All Day" with the kids in our pool during our family re-unions.

#3 Playing with Reagan - They are best friends and like to do "Everything" together. Riley is very protective of Reagan. He will usually accompany her outside and cover her scent.

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