Gray Family Golden Retriever Puppies

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When can I pick out my puppy?

Puppies will be available for viewing starting the week of June 29th.

When can I take home my puppy?

Puppies will be available for pick-up after they are examined by the veterinarian the week of July 27th.

Will my puppy have their first shots?

Puppies will be veterinarian examined and will have their initial shots. You will be supplied with a medical examination report when you pick-up your puppy. You will then take this to your vet within 2-3 weeks of pick-up.

How do I register my puppy with the American Kennel Club?

You will receive the AKC paperwork when you pick-up your puppy. The fastest and easiest way is by using the online AKC system at .

Will I get any information about my puppy's pedigree?

You will get a copy of the AKC Certified Pedigree for both Riley and Reagan which will include their three generation lineage when you pick-up your puppy.

What happens if my puppy gets sick?

All puppies will be fully examined by the veterinarian before it is released to you. Each puppy will come with a 30 day warranty. If you think anything is wrong with your puppy, please take it to your vet immediately. It is expected that you should have your vet examine your puppy 2-3 weeks after you take it home. At this time they should get their DHPP vaccine(vaccines for distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus). They should also get a lymme vaccine if they will remain in S.E. Pennsylvania.

How can I help my puppy live a long, healthy life?

By selecting a "Gray Family Golden" you have taken the 1st step. The parents and the grandparents of both the Sire and Dam were examined with the intent of potentially breeding. Maintaining your dogs weight, proper diet and lots of exercise is a key to longevity. Goldens were bred as gun dogs. The love to run and swim. In S.E. Pennsylvania lymme disease can be deadly. At least once a year or if you notice unexplained weight loss have a blood test done, immediately.