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Reference Documentation

Below are useful documents for new puppy owners and for potential breeders. As with all "self-help" or "new puppy" guides, theory and practice are only the same in theory. Guides and tips have to be tailored for each dog's personality. Each dog will have it's own unique personality. Much of this is genetic and it is the reason why the Dame and Sire are carefully selected.

However, some behavior is learned and each dog will test it's limits to see what it's boundaries are and how far you will let it go.

Please use the following information as a guide. Most information which you will find in expensive "new puppy" books is available below.

House Breaking - If you follow this guide your dog will almost be house broken from the 1st day. There will be a few accidents but not many. Do not paper train and leave the training pads in the store unless you want to train twice. If you receive your dog from "The Grays" we will start house breaking each puppy at week 7 and your puppy will be on it's way to being trained.

Puppy_chewing - All puupies chew but puppy owners can nip this destructive behavior in the bud by providing the right environment and training from the start. In this article, you'll find out how to prevent and, if necessary, treat inappropriate chewing.

Puppy Socialization - A new puppy can be a handful. With advice on early training, even a first-time owner can establish leadership while raising a happy, well-behaved dog. New puppy families are usually eager to learn how to select and raise their new pets. Through proper socialization and early training, you can start off on the right track to fully enjoying your new puppy.

Dog_Birth_Whelping - A practical guide for puppy birth.

Golden Retriever Code of Ethics - The Golden Retriever Club of America endorses the following Code of Ethics for its members. It is the purpose of the GRCA to encourage its members to perfect through selection, breeding an training to advance the interests of Golden Retrievers in every endeavor.