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Reagan is the proud "Mom" of 11 beautiful puppies. She gave birth to 11 healthy and adorable pure bred AKC (American Kennel Club) golden retrievers on 11/12/11.

Reagan was hand selected from a private breeder with the intent of "potentially" breeding with Riley. Prior to breeding Reagan was checked for health and suitability by 2 independent Vets. Because she is very althetic and "fit" and has a great temperment we thought she was ready to be a "Mom"

Reagan is very athletic, is a fast runner and a great jumper. Reagan at the pool

Reagan's Top 3 Favorite things;

#1 Swimming - She loves to swim, especially in the ocean. She loves diving into waves. When not at the ocean you can find her hanging around the pool

#2 Playing with Riley - They are best friends and like to do "Everything" together. Like most Golden's she will play ball all day and is a natural retriever.

#3 She loves to be hugged and petted - Being handled from a newborn Reagan still likes to be held and cuddled. She loves when someone sits on the floor with her and pets and holds her.